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NASA Awards Grant to Tau Zero

NASA has awarded a $500,000 grant to the Tau Zero Foundation for a 3-year study titled “Interstellar Propulsion Review.” Unlike prior studies, which were . . .

Call For Abstracts for TVIW 2017

As Co-Hosting organization of the event, the Tau Zero Foundation is issuing our own call for abstracts on specific areas of interest. This special call is in addition to . . .

Destination Estimates

The universe is a very big place. For an idea of just how big, check out this excellent website, which shows the scale of objects in the universe ranging from quantum foam to the entire universe itself. The possibilities out there are greater than we know and perhaps...

Engineered Starship Designs

Starship ideas have been studied in sufficient detail to predict their performance and the level of effort needed to build and launch them. Such engineering exercises improve our understanding of the challenges and our limits.

Starship Designs Inspired by Fiction

Star flight has been a popular topic in science fiction for a long time. Some concepts described in science fiction really exist, while others are possible in theory only at this point, and still others are entirely fictional.