Making Progress

Our foundation covers a span of disciplines, including:


  • Human Relevance

    The more we invest into our future in space, the more greater benefits arise which are directly applicable our growing problems of diminishing resources, over population, and the environmental impact of 7.5 billions lives on our only home.

  • Destinations

    The data confirms it.  Not a week goes by that we do not hear of astronomers announcing the discovery of other planets in the habitable- Goldilocks- zone orbiting nearby stars

  • Getting There

    In true pioneering spirit we take ownership of participating in the complex yet necessary components of BPP, FTL travel and the necessary self sustaining infrastructure required to permanently establish mankind as a colonizing species.

“While reaching for the stars, we will create benefits with every step.”

In our dedicated commitment of ensuring mankind becomes a permanent, space faring civilization, we are addressing more than cultivating space propulsion experts, systems and implementation. We are adding fitting pioneers and scouts to participate in the humanities, trans-humanism, synthetic biology, the “singularity”, sustainable closed-loop life support, and isolated colony considerations.