New Worlds?

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New Life?

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New Civilizations?

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Beyond the interest of other space groups

We look beyond our solar system and seek revolutionary advances to explore habitable exoplanets.

Mission and Methods
The Tau Zero Foundation is a global volunteer group of scientists, engineers, writers, and entrepreneurs working together to advance the goal of interstellar flight.   Using the dream of interstellar space travel as both a long-range goal and a catalyst for near-term progress, the Tau Zero Foundation supports both incremental and revolutionary advancements in science, technology, and education. The Foundation seeks out and directs support to those who can make credible progress toward the goal of star flight, including leading research pioneers and promising graduate-level students. The Foundation also strives to engage and educate the public during every step of this journey of discovery.   Our motto, "Ad astra incrementis" means "to the stars in ever-increasing steps."  






We need your help to make interstellar space travel a reality. The amount of money allocated globally to interstellar research is very small. Support from the public is crucial to making the scientific advances that will one day lead to starships.


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Pioneers make revolutionary progress by pursuing goals beyond the comfort zone of their peers. By breaking from the pack, pioneers discover breakthroughs that others can't even consider.


Are you a student that wants to become a pioneer? Our Discoveries Log provides reliable starting information.



Accurate and up-to-date information on the quest for interstellar flight:



How difficult is interstellar flight and why? How far and how fast do you need to go to travel throughout the galaxy? Find out with the Transgalactic Travel Guide


Humanity's Journey

How does this quest affect humanity today... and ultimately? How does society today speed or impede progress?



Where are other habitable planets, and other points of interest?


Getting There

What can be sent, how will we propel it, and how long will it be before we learn what it found?

More than just spacecraft...