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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

~ Margaret Mead

On these pages, Members have access to free downloads of presentations, graphics, and newsletters. You may use this information in your own scholarly works (school work & research), provided that you cite the source of that information, and provided you do not just ‘copy-paste’ that information (Your teachers and mentors want to see that you comprehend the material, not that you just were able to find it). Note, that you may not use this material in any commercial (money-making) products or services.

We’ve included a section where you can share your opinion that will affect the priorities of where Tau Zero concentrates its attention.

We are considering adding a discussion forum to these member pages, but for now, you can avail yourselves to the discussion forums on Centauri Dreams  or on our Facebook group.



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When a researcher submits an article to a journal, they often create presentations too. Some of the presentations created by Tau Zero practitioners are available here for download as PDF files. 


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 Centauri Dreams – News forum Discovery Log – web repository of emerging information Student/University Collaborations Contracted review/evaluation services

What TOPICS do you want to see covered?

 Humanity's Journey – Affect on humanity now from interstellar pursuits Humanity's Journey – Affect of big discoveries (habitable worlds, extraterrestrial intelligence, artificial life, human hibernation, etc.) Humanity's Journey – Society's affect on its future (science fiction foresight, nearsighted politics, self-destructive human behavior, collective priorities, etc.) Humanity's Journey – Ethics of interstellar implications (new life, new worlds, who goes) Humanity's Journey – Life aboard colony ships Destinations – Next-step learning missions Destinations – Alpha Centauri (Nearest neighboring star systems) Destinations - Habitable worlds Destinations - Inhabited worlds Destinations – Extraterrestrial intelligence Destinations – The nature of spacetime itself Getting There – What's needed Getting There – Engineering emerging technology Getting There – Scientific investigations toward Star Trek-like spaceflight Getting There – Inspirational Sci-Fi vehicles