“Let the evidence guide the research. Do not have a preconceived agenda which will only distort the result.” ~ Barbara Tuchman


To the degree humanly possible, Tau Zero’s practitioners and volunteers find and post the most accurate and up-to-date information related to interstellar flight on these pages. This includes understanding the challenges that must be solved before we can become a transgalactic species.



Did you know…

  • How far are interstellar journeys?
  • How star flight compares to human timescales?
  • What technological abilities we must achieve to get there?
  • More


    • Why is starflight important for humanity?
    • What do our stories tell us about our motivations and expectations?
    • How does human nature affect this quest?
    • Are we alone in the galaxy?
    • Do we have the right to colonize another planet?
    • Should we travel bearing arms or gifts?
    • Will humanity survive long enough on Earth to learn how to thrive beyond Earth?



    How far away is the...

    • Edge of our solar system?
    • Nearest neighboring solar system?
    • Nearest habitable planet?
    • Nearest extraterrestrial civilization?

    What else is out there worth visiting?

    • Easier practice missions?
    • Brown dwarfs?
    • Free-roaming planets?



    For fun, a reminder of an epic tale of getting there, The Griswold's family vacation mobile, from National Lampoon


    • What starship ideas have already been suggested?
    • How long would it take to reach the nearest star using today's technology?
    • How long would it take to reach the nearest star if we pushed technology to its edge?
    • What physics advances are needed to create the breakthroughs of
      • LOW MASS- Space drives (non-rocket, propellantless propulsion)
      • HIGH SPEED- Faster-Than-Light transport
      • AMPLE ENERGY- Sufficient on-board energy for starflight
    • How close are we to building and launching any of these?
    • What work remains to be done to improve our prospects?
    • What ancillary developments might change how we attempt to get there?
      • When artificial intelligence (AI) eclipses the intellectual prowess of humanity (predicted 2035-2050)
      • Transhumanism - the merging of technology with the human body
      • Hibernation methods for long-duration human transportation
      • Humans with extremely long life spans


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    • Marc Millis

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