“While reaching for the stars, we will create benefits with every step.”



Tau Zero is presently rebuilding its board membership and network. Expect updates later in 2016.



Tau Zero has an international network of accomplished scientists, aerospace engineers, journalists, artists, and science fiction writers. These people were chosen for their ability to explore ideas beyond the comfort zone of their peers, plus the competence and objectivity to make genuine, reliable progress.  The Tau Zero network includes the experts most capable of addressing the formidable challenges of interstellar flight. Many have spent their careers working on issues and experiments relevant to these tasks in their day-jobs (universities, commercial companies, and research institutes around the globe), yet must explore the grander ambitions of star flight on their own.


Defining Characteristics

  • Pioneers or scouts in their respective disciplines
  • Fortitude to explore visions and take risks beyond their peers
  • Rigor, impartiality, and competence to make credible progress
  • More interested in promoting progress, than in promoting themselves

The Tau Zero network covers a span of skills.  For example, to convey complex developments to the public in a responsible manner (factual and absent of hype or disdain), our journalists and artists are willing to help the scientists and engineers convey their work.  Reciprocally, journalists who want better content for their work can call upon Tau Zero scientists and engineers for trustworthy content. 

Our network also covers a span of disciplines: human relevance, destinations, and getting there.  Presently we are overrepresented by space propulsion experts and underrepresented in the humanities, transhumanism, synthetic biology, the “singularity”, sustainable closed-loop life support, and isolated colony considerations.  It is our goal to find and add fitting pioneers and scouts to cover those topics in the future as well.

We are in need of basic operational support in accounting, fundraising, and volunteer coordination.



We have a few dozen people from a mix of disciplines and educational levels that have already volunteered to help. We are still looking for someone who can coordinate assignments and track progress of our suite of volunteers. Please contact us if you are able and willing to take on this assignment.  We prefer someone who lives in the Cleveland metropolitan area.

If you would like to join our pool of volunteers, please become a member and then apply for volunteering.  We require our volunteers to be members since volunteers require access to membership pages.  Also, the memberships help defer the cost of managing these functions.

Content Contributors

  • Marc Millis
  • Carly Millis

The Tau Zero Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to pioneering advancements toward interstellar flight.